Month: February 2021

The Drone Delivery Challenge

It was in February of 2014 that Jeff Bezos announced on 60 minutes that Amazon was developing the technology to support a residential drone delivery solution. Fast forward to 2021, and Amazon is still testing residential delivery via drones, while UPS’s focus is on the business delivery. FedEx is also in the game, but to a lesser extent via a partnership with Wing Aviation.

(Q&A) DynoSafe

The home delivery is the most important component of the e-commerce value proposition and we are starting to see that value proposition challenged via efforts to redirect residential deliveries to retail access points for consumer pick-up.

The Evolving E-Commerce Value Proposition

Online merchants, e-marketplaces, parcel carriers, and technology advancements each impact the e-commerce value proposition. In simple terms, that value proposition is still based on an innovative service offering: one with multiple features and benefits that make e-commerce attractive to the consumer and drive purchasing behavior. Some of the primary components of that value proposition include: