Episode 233: Does Amazon’s market dominance make it at risk of being broken up by the US government?

  • Amazon’s incubator for start-up trucking companies
  • Why Amazon is so interested in trucking (truckload and LTL)
  • Comparisons with Amazon’s DSP (Delivery Service Partner) model
  • Increase in trucking failures in the USA during 2020
  • Walmart’s trucking and distribution network
  • Amazon creating a Walmart-like network at a lower cost
  • AT&T, Microsoft, Standard Oil, and US government intervention (antitrust)
  • Is Amazon’s dominance similar to Standard Oil’s dominance?
  • Political lobbying in the USA and Europe
  • How Amazon does a better job than many other online retailers
  • Do consumers care if Amazon becomes some sort of monopoly?
  • Checks and controls on monopolies such as postal or utility monopoly operators
  • Jeff Bezos stepping down as CEO – is it perfect timing?
  • Market dominance wasn’t an issue during the pandemic
  • The US Presidency…?
  • Seller-fulfilled Prime – murmurings of discontent
  • Rules and controls on seller-fulfilled Prime
  • Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) capacity
  • Expansion of Amazon’s last mile network in the USA
  • US Postal Service’s Parcel Select service, Amazon (and FedEx) volumes, and service standards

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