Supply Chain

Managing the Workplace Threat Level

Thank you to my partners at Newegg Logistics for supporting my thought-provoking content on their website BLOG. While not the warm and fuzzy content we are normally used to seeing in these types of venues, it is important that we face difficult, cultural issues head-on and not say this could never happen to me or to my company, so I do not need to take action. Also, this is not a political statement on gun control. This is a statement about mitigating the horrendous impact of violence in the American workplace.

The Evolving E-Commerce Value Proposition

Online merchants, e-marketplaces, parcel carriers, and technology advancements each impact the e-commerce value proposition. In simple terms, that value proposition is still based on an innovative service offering: one with multiple features and benefits that make e-commerce attractive to the consumer and drive purchasing behavior. Some of the primary components of that value proposition include:

Micro Fulfillment

Amazon continues to drive change in the e-commerce arena, aggressively growing their next-day, Prime delivery initiative. Today, it is nearly impossible for most e-commerce merchants to offer the combination of free-shipping and next-day delivery to most of the continental US, without compromising profit using costly Express delivery services. However, by 2022, Amazon is on track to support affordable next-day delivery to most US addresses and, today, offers the largest on-demand, same-day delivery network, Amazon Flex, in North America.