DynoSafe, Smart Porch Safe

Dean Maciuba

Dean Maciuba

Managing Partner North America for Last Mile Experts, where he is responsible for US based consulting services.

The DynoSafe Deal is Done!

I am so happy to see that my friend Rebecca Romanucci got her DynoSafe-Deal-Done on Shark Tank last week!

Grocers are going to love DynoSafe in how it supports a refrigerated solution for unattended home-delivery…a clear differentiator in the grocery delivery arena.

Specialty pharmacies will also want to offer the DynoSafe solution to patients receiving home-delivery of high value, life-sustaining, biologic pharmaceuticals requiring a refrigerated storage solution for released shipments.

And finally, e-commerce merchants, parcel carriers and on-line shoppers will feel a lot better knowing that high value products can now be released into a secured storage device on the front porch.

Nice job Rebecca on bringing a much needed solution to market!