FedEx Express Offering Incentives

Dean Maciuba

Dean Maciuba

Managing Partner North America for Last Mile Experts, where he is responsible for US based consulting services.

FedEx to Pay More to Retain and Attract Memphis Hub Workers

Working at the FedEx Super Hub is not easy. It is physically demanding work and the hours for most shifts can range between 9:00 PM and 5:00 AM. These jobs have never been easy to fill for FedEx even though pay/benefits are not horrible by any means.

The problem has always been that the shifts and work are simply not desirable, so FedEx will pay more to attract workers. The recent February storm in Memphis was a record setter, but even after it had stopped snowing, it was still difficult to get hub workers to report in under the difficult travel conditions. FedEx is banking on higher pay to incent workers to show up for work, even under less than desirable circumstances.

What’s happening at FedEx is reflective of the challenges employers across America face. It is getting harder to attract new employees and then get those employees to report to work on a reliable basis. Some companies are offering monthly bonuses to employees that report in every day of the month.

As we continue to recover from the pandemic, high employee turnover and the worker shortage problem will worsen, and employers will have to pay more to attract and keep workers.