Measuring Postal Performance

Perry Lavergne (ex-Canada Post, now Last Mile Experts) on why measuring postal performance is crucial for domestic and international letter and parcel services:

  • Monitoring performance of international and domestic postal services
  • Payment for international mail (UPU – terminal dues)
  • Cross-border parcels (including scanning and payment)
  • Accountability for delivery failures
  • Why postal operators should measure postal performance
  • The role of the postal regulator (monitoring, pricing and enforcement)
  • Regulators showing understanding of postal conditions when monitoring postal performance
  • Measuring performance of international mail service (inbound and outbound)
  • Reimbursement for international mail (Universal Postal Union – UPU)
  • Targets, terminal dues, and performance
  • International mail entering the domestic mail stream
  • Cross-border parcels in the postal stream
  • RFID and monitoring delivery
  • Using performance data domestically and internationally
  • Which leg of the journey is most important in international mail? (In particular for remuneration under UPU terminal dues)
  • Who is accountable for delivery failures?
  • EMS and PRIME Exprès – monitoring performance and payment
  • Modern proof of delivery relating to IPC/UPU cross-border products – including scanning for track-and-trace


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